Kohei Nawa has been creating a new way of sculpture that stimulates the viewer's sense of sight and touch by intersecting organic images with material forms. This exhibition commemorates the publication of "VESSEL," "Mist," and "Planet [wanderer]," performance works by Nawa and choreographer Damien Jalet, and includes two-dimensional works based on these works, "Esquisse," silkscreen prints of drawings from the beginning of the artist's career, and "Fountain," sculptures. The exhibition featured a large number of works, including some never before exhibited, such as "Esquisse," a silkscreen print of drawings from the beginning of his career, and "Fountain," a sculpture, in addition to two-dimensional works based on this work. The exhibition will be composed to show the expansion of Nawa's thinking up to the present, and the connection between his works, which traverse the realms of two-dimensional art, sculpture, and performance. We hope you will enjoy the exhibition.

Organization: Ginza Tsutaya Books
Cooperation: DMM.com LLC, Slab Corp., Sandwich Inc.