Solo Exhibition: From Code to Material


We are pleased to announce Kohei Nawa's solo exhibition, From Code to Material, that will be held at kojin kyoto, Kyoto.

The exhibition will feature a selection of recent two-dimensional and three-dimensional works: from “White Code,” reminiscent of Morse code and a rain of program codes flowing through a monochrome screen, to “PixCell” and “Prism,” - sculptures based on motifs collected via the Internet.

The top floor's exposition features material samples and test pieces shown to illustrate some aspects of the production process of the works, so the focus shifts from “code” to “material” as one ascends the floor. Through the various body of works, the exhibition will allow viewers to encounter the boundary where information and matter are being mutually converted and to get a glimpse of Kohei Nawa's thinking and reflecting processes.

Exhibition Period: October 29 (Sun) - November 5 (Sun), 2023
Opening Hours: 12:00 - 18:00
Closed: October 30 (Mon)
Venue: kojin kyoto
248-6, Kamiikesucho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-0855, Japan


Photo: Nobutada OMOTE

From Code to Material