Group Exhibition : Somatic Modes of Attention


Somatic Modes of Attention brings artists Bruno Botella, Kohei Nawa, and Robert Platt together in a mélange of works that engages the viewer with a complex and diverse sensory experience. Three artists reveal how we perceive our environment by applying human vision's ambiguous and intuitive nature in their works. In this modern age dominated by logocentric and excessive visual culture, we ask whether alternative "modes of attention" can be generated by our bodies. The transition of things, including light and shadow, requires us to observe slowly and carefully, focusing on the value of the ambiguous aspects of human perception and cognition. Botella, Nawa, and Platt move us away from the universal and clear observation based on data and into a parallel world of phantasmagoria.

Exhibition Period: May 2 (Thu) - June 1 (Sat), 2024
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 18:00
Closed: Sundays
Opening Reception:  May 2 (Thu) 17:00 -
Venue: MtK Contemporary Art
20-1 Okazaki Minamigoshocho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8334, Japan

photo: Kenryou Gu

Somatic Modes of Attention